Why Furnished Rentals are the Best Way to Travel

Apartment rental sites with furnished rentals are becoming an increasingly popular approach to traveling with the increase of options from websites like Airbnb, Homeaway, and so on. The trend is happening for good reason: you’re able to find better spots in better neighborhoods, increased comfort and luxury, have the same degree of access to amenities, and all while ultimately saving money! Here’s our take on why furnished rentals are the best way to travel:

You have a full kitchen.

Eating out is great and highly encouraged to take the time to scope out interesting dining locations while exploring a new area. But, let’s face it: it’s expensive! Especially when your reasoning for travel is for the purpose of business travel, eating out for every meal can be costly and generally tiresome. With a fully stocked kitchen, you have the tools you need to make a stop by the store or, even better, to a local farmer’s market (insert link to farmer’s market blog), and stock up on local flavors. This is a healthier approach to your diet, as well, as you have more control over what you’re putting into your body. 3

You have more space.

Hotel rooms can be cramped and not really offer the space that you should receive for the price that you’re paying. In a furnished rental you’re able to have a separate rooms for beds, kitchens, living spaces, office space - you name it! Being able to cook for yourself and maybe stretch out a little more will help you save money during your travels and start your day fresh on a foundation of balance and ease just by having the space you need. Bedroom views

You’ll find yourself in better neighborhoods.

Choosing to stay in a furnished rental typically puts you in a better neighborhood with unique spots that are away from areas that are overcrowded with tourists, which is where hotels are typically located. Our Kensho locations are located in hip, urban neighborhood of Jersey City, which will get you to Manhattan in 15 minutes but allows for less chaos than staying directly downtown. jersey city neighborhood shot

You can relax more!

Having the right amount of space during your stay allows you to relax more and unwind at the end of your day, ensuring less travel stress that may creep up otherwise. This allows for a more personal experience which is quiet and relaxing – that gives you a true sense of “home,” (insert link to Kensho About Us page) no matter where you are. L1003263 HDR