Novado Gallery at Modera Lofts: A Very New York-y Exhibition

When we discovered Modera Lofts, we couldn’t resist the historic Jersey City style that this building encapsulates in the Powerhouse Arts District. Amidst many great features, one of the unique selling points is the urban vibe that it reflects through the Novado Gallery, an art gallery located directly in the building.

Throughout Jersey City and across the water into New York City, many travel to the area specifically to absorb as much art as possible. We’re proud to offer our guests the opportunity to discover many fabulous artists in the comfort of their own building, which is a great start to any day or evening.

Edge Novado Gallery Flyer

Novado Gallery is owned and operated by Anne Novado and Steve Pearlman. Here you’ll discover rotating contemporary art, including a permanently dedicated gallery wing of “furniture design and functional and ‘non-functional’ ceramics.”

On view currently is the exhibition entitled “Edge” which appropriately captures the vibe that these 14 artists demonstrate throughout their various styles. Novado’s website describes the show as a “no holds barred, thought provoking and definitely NEW YORKY exhibition.”

Tom Sanford is a Harlem-based artist participating in the show whose work is exhibited extensively in museums and galleries around the world. His website states that “his paintings, which might be considered a sort of lowbrow conceptual art, reflect a deep ambivalence about the American cultural condition.” Be sure to take a look at his work at tomsanford.com as well as on Instagram at @uberkunst.

Tom Sanford

Julia Powers is another New Yorker participating in “Edge” with a very different style. Her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art & Design revealed a realistic approach in her perspective. Her website states that “the subjects of [her] work are often forsaken or disregarded objects who are transformed into adorned protagonists in her realistic paintings.” Take a look at more of her work at juliapowers.net as well as on Instagram at @julia_m_powers.

Novado Gallery

This group art exhibit, curated by Tom Banks, includes the following artists:

  • Tom Sanford
  • Sky Allen
  • Julia Powers
  • Michael Anderson
  • Tunji Dada
  • Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen
  • Gary Lichtenstein
  • Noah Becker
  • Caslon Bevington
  • Ben Keating
  • Thomas Banks
  • Kele McComsey
  • Theda Sandiford
  • Amaya Gurpide

“Edge” will be on view through December 14, 2017. Novado Gallery is open Sunday from 12-7pm, Monday/Tuesday from 10am-8pm, and Weds/Thurs from 10am-6:30pm. More information can be found at novadogallery.com and on Instagram at @novadogallery.